About School

Kuchipudi Dance Center was established in 2001 with a mission to promote Indian art and culture, as well as to enhance the human aesthetic values through Kuchipudi. It is our constant endeavor to maintain a high standard of cultural achievements while promoting the traditional Indian cultural and moral values among all, particularly the youth in America.

Kuchipudi Dance Center has numerous students who are currently enrolled and are actively training under the guidance of Guru Indira Sreeram Leela, who brings an asset of more than 20 years of teaching and choreography experience. While some students pursue Junior and Senior certificate courses, few others have pursued and successfully earned their master’s degree in Kuchipudi.

Over the years, Guru Indira Sreeram Leela has trained and guided several students of Kuchipudi Dance Center, who went on to participate and perform in many local and national programs.