Welcome to Kuchipudi Dance Center

Kuchipudi Dance Center is a prestigious Kuchipudi dance school serving the vibrant Indian diaspora of Middlesex County in New Jersey.

Kuchipudi Dance Center was established with a vision to promote Indian art and culture, as well as to enhance the human aesthetic values through Kuchipudi. It is our constant endeavor to maintain a high standard of cultural achievements while promoting the traditional Indian cultural and moral values among all, particularly the youth in America.

Kuchipudi Training

Kuchipudi Dance Center offers lessons to students seeking training in Kuchipudi…

Beginner Level

In the Beginner level, you will learn basics of this classical dance form, including its history and fundamental elements…

Intermediate Level

In the Intermediate level classes, we typically focus on refining the basic skills acquired from the beginner level…

Advanced Level

In the Advanced level, we design our training classes keeping in view the profound understanding of intricate footwork, flawless hand gestures…


Rangapravesam, which means ‘ascending the stage’, is a full-length solo performance by a dancer for the first time with a live orchestra. Many students of Guru Indira Sreeram have successfully performed their Rangapravesam and brought laurels to Kuchipudi Dance Center from all quarters.

Women for a Cause

Throughout her virtuous career spanning over 25 years as a Kuchipudi exponent, Guru Indira Srirama Leela has always tried to utilize every avenue and opportunity that came her way to give back to society.

By combining artistic talent with community engagement, she has put Kuchipudi at the helm of her community outreach initiatives…

Student Performances

18 November 2023: VTSeva Event

4:00pm – 7:00pm

Rama kodanda Rama

Broche varevaru ra

Namah Shivayate

Rama kodanda Rama