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Some of the most recent performances of CFKD students.

Feb          Kuchipudi and Music Extravaganza


            Sept          CFKD 

August      Amuktamalyada (Photos)

July            SriYagam Cultural Inaugural (Photos)

January     Kuchipudi Lahari (Photos)

            August      Kuchipudi Rangapravesham of Setty Sisters

May           JET USA Inc celebration NJ

            May           Bharatiya Temple -PA

  July              HATCC Nrityamruth

July              Kali Mehrotra, Kuchipudi Rangapravesham

July             10th ATA Conference, Prudential Center

June            International Kuchipudi Dance Festival

February     Jewels of Kuchipudi

 And at many other local associations and competitions.


  December    ATAROJU, NJ
  October         Durga Puja celebration, NJ
  September   Council of Indian Associations Philadelphia
  September   Natya Ranga Westchester, NY
  September   Kuchipudi Rangapravesham - Swathi Varanasi
  September   Newark Mesuem India Festival, NJ
  September   Indo American Fair, NJ
  August           Kuchipudi Rangapravesham Saniya Waghray
  August           Federation of Indian Associations NYC
  July/August   6 week Kuchipudi summer dance camp
  June                TLCA, NY
  May                TAGDV, Delaware.