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GURU Indira Sreeram Dixith

As a performer, teacher, and choreographer, Indira Sreeram Dixith wishes to share her   extraordinary joy in dance, striving for new and effective ways to communicate the   beauty of Kuchipudi to diverse audiences through new, vibrant, and creative   choreography.

Indira Sreeram Dixith took up Bharata Natyam at a young age and had her arangetram   at the age of 9 under the tutelage of Guru Mythili Kumar. She then continued to learn   and specialize in KUCHIPUDI dance style under the Kuchipudi maestro kalaprapoorna    Padma Bhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam. She had more dedicated and   professional training under the tutelage of her Guru. She has toured and given   performances in almost all the major cities in India, former Soviet Union, Europe,   Canada and US. As a member of the elite dance team she has taken part in major   festivals of India.

She is the artistic founder-director of “Center for Kuchipudi Dance” a kuchipudi dance   school established in NJ. Guru Indira Sreeram continues to propagate the ancient art   form to the Indian American community in the Tri-state area. Due to her dedicated   efforts, Indira Sreeram has not only gained immense recognition as a performer,   teacher but also as a choreographer.